Volumize Your Look at The Final Touch Salon

Get lash extensions in Billings, MT

Are you tired of putting on fake lashes or layers of mascara just to achieve that Hollywood look? Solve your cosmetic woes by getting lash extensions at The Final Touch Salon in Billings, MT. We use Elleebana lash lifts to lengthen and lift your lashes. This technique makes for a dazzling finish.

All lash extensions come in a variety of colors and lengths. Choose your desired thickness to make for a beautiful effect. Call now to schedule your appointment.

Pretty doesn't mean pricey

Lash extensions are designed to last up to eight weeks. You can safely shower and even swim with minimal changes in fullness. Our price list is as follows:

Three-hour full set - $125
Two-hour fill-ins - $60
One-hour mini fills - $40
One-hour lash lifting - $40

Our lash extensions are safe and cause no harm to your natural lashes.

If you're in Billings, MT and need lash extensions, call The Final Touch Salon now to schedule your appointment.